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Kristen Bakker
Executive Assistant

Kristen Bakker


Kristen joined Osage Venture Partners in 2017.  Prior to joining Osage, she worked with SSH Real Estate within its Property Management Division assisting in the development process of the East Market Street mixed-use, commercial and residential campus.  Prior to SSH, Kristen was with Harris Williams & Co., a global investment bank specializing in middle-market mergers and acquisition.  There she supported the Philadelphia office, which lead much of the company’s business development initiatives across a range of industry groups. She received her initial introduction to mergers and acquisitions at PaperWorks Industries, Inc., where she supported the President & CEO through the company’s expansion under Sun Capital Partners. There, Kristen helped in laying the groundwork for the company’s new multi-office integration and gain experience in international marketing for clients across North America.

In her free time, Kristen is very much involved in the activities she loves—art and sport.  Kristen spends her free time as a freelance architectural photographer. She also is rounding out her second year on the board of the Philadelphia Field Hockey Associated (PFHA), currently the largest post-collegiate field hockey league in the nation. She joined the board after gaining experience in the league through participation and team management.  She has been managing one of the league’s Division I teams since 2011, which she joined after completing her undergraduate studies at Penn State, where she obtained dual Bachelors of Arts in Advertising and Photography.

Kristen currently resides in Philadelphia with her husband, John, and dog, Sandy.