Osage Venture Partners

Osage Venture Partners

Osage Venture Partners (OVP) invests in early stage, business-to-business (B2B) software companies headquartered on the East Coast from its offices just outside of Philadelphia, PA. With over $150M under management, OVP seeks to invest in determined and creative entrepreneurs and provide them with the assistance required to build high growth businesses.

Our investment strategy is built upon three main pillars, a focus that allows us to provide significant value to our portfolio companies:

  • Early Stage, which for us means post-revenue companies that have market validation of their solution and are looking to raise their first institutional capital. Entrepreneurs face a critical inflection point as they translate their early success into a scalable solution, and we seek to bring our significant experience to bear in helping them manage the early stages of growth.
  • B2B Software, which we define broadly to include companies that provide software solutions and technology-enabled services for other businesses in areas such as healthcare IT, data analytics, or infrastructure management.  We focus on B2B software because we believe in the long-term value opportunities in this sector, because we have deep operating experience within this sector, and because a sector focus enables us to share lessons and best practices across early stage companies facing similar growth challenges.
  • East Coast, with a particular focus on Boston to Washington, D.C.  We believe an early stage fund must be regional because geographic proximity is a significant advantage in maintaining close contact beyond board meetings to build deep partnerships with entrepreneurs. The East Coast is rich in talent, domain experience, and buyers of both technology and technology start-ups but faces a shortfall of early stage venture capital.

Osage Ventures will often lead or co-lead investment syndicates. Our initial investment is typically $1.0M to $3.0M, and we reserve 1x-3x the initial investment for follow-on rounds.  Osage will invest the necessary time and capital to grow a business, irrespective of the future exit date, and work with entrepreneurs to chart a path to the most appropriate next step for the company.

If you are a business builder seeking a partner, then we may have much in common, and hope to invite you in for your entrepreneur’s hour.