Osage Connect

Osage Connect

We built Osage University Partners on a simple idea: universities are the greatest source of innovation and disruptive science. Our passion for breakthrough technologies extends directly to our universities, where we take an active role in fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through Osage Connect, we’ve built services for universities, researchers, entrepreneurs, portfolio companies, and our partner investors to connect them to each other, with the mission of increasing the funding and partnering activities at our partner universities.

Investor Connections

We connect high quality startups from our partner universities to relevant venture capital firms, corporate investors, and seed investors. We are mission-driven to see university startups get funded and succeed; even when we are not an investor, we actively encourage investments in university startups. We track thousands of university startups and game changing technologies which allows us to identify top quality opportunities that may be of interest to investors. Given that we work and co-invest with a lot of venture and corporate investors, we know what types of opportunities interest them, so we can make highly relevant introductions. Whether you’re an investor or an entrepreneur, let us know how we can help. We’ve introduced hundreds of early stage opportunities to various investors.

Entrepreneur Network

Experienced advisers and managers are hard to find. Early guidance and support can be instrumental in a young startup. If you’re a scientist, technologist, or entrepreneur looking for experienced advisers, let us know how we can help. We have a network of serial entrepreneurs that may be a fit. As part of this program, Osage has developed an EIR Network which focuses on making introductions to Entrepreneurs in Residence that are employed by venture capital firms to start new companies in targeted sectors. These EIRs bring both significant expertise and seed funding from their affiliate VC firm.

License Database

Technology transfer is a difficult job. Over the past couple years, we’ve analyzed hundreds of licenses and built a proprietary database of licensing terms. We provide technology managers at our partnered institutions with deep insights into licensing terms.

University Summit

We assemble our University Partners for annual summits that allow deep collaboration and learning. Attendees discuss selected topics, decide on future initiatives, and hear from us on some of the data we’ve collected over the past year.

Licensing Connections

Commercialization by universities is core to our mission. We support technology licensing at universities connecting technology opportunities with interested licensees at major corporations and startups.

Portfolio Company Technology Scouting

We work hard to add value to our portfolio companies. Leveraging our unique investment model, we can help our portfolio companies in some unique ways. Brainstorm with us on some of your technical issues, and we can scout for complementary technologies at our partner institutions.

PI Connections

Whether you’re a young startup looking to assemble a scientific advisory board or a large corporation looking for expertise in a specific field, we can help you connect with rockstar principal investigators and scientists.

New Initiatives

We’re always looking for new ways to add value to our partners. Email any suggestions to jlee@osagepartners.com.